Networking Interview Question

CLick on the link above and get your basics right, approaching for an interview to work in saudi arabia, dubai, go through this set compiled by Zahadath for all the networking question. All about Networking and its basic.

Helps you get a Job in Gulf and Middle east, specially in Saudi Arabia. so get your Networking basics right and go ahead and conquer the interview.

The Finger

The one...... change the direction then its you, me and someone else.....

Father and Son

father and son..... the warmth  of the heart and the protection within. This is dedicated to my Father Janab Zahanath Ali Baig

just because

I thought I saw you the other night but in somebody else’s arms I sigh I left the place, remembering what I lost, I know I am not very cool, Not to everyone but to you, I changed myself much to everyone’s dissatisfaction Just because I loved you, You did this to me I thought every day, but I was wrong, You were never meant for me, You tired to tell me but never have I known you meant good for me, But I did not realize did not feel anything Just  because I loved you Now I thank you for what you have done, straight on my face, I realize that there is no such thing as love All my changes turned good for me I m now what I am and the reason is just because I loved you.